Creative Consultant / Art Director
20 years experience in print, digital, film and social.
Graduate of The Royal College of Art, London (Visual Communication)

This website represents only a small selection of recent work.
Please email for examples of experience in particular areas.
Hemodynamic Disco, A Cognition-Free Digital Public Space, Installation.
Creative Concept, Creative Coding, Processing, Arduino.
MiQ - Global Programmatic Media Company Website
Design UI, Project Management
Cave Painting Album- Votive Life
Creative Direction, Design, Print, Web and Video.
ICE - Global DSP rights managemnet company
Branding, Website, Marketing and Social assets, Motion assets.
Design UI, Project Management
Association of Independent Music Identity - Paradise London
Creative Direction, Branding Design
High Stakes Training - NHS Trauma Support Organisation
Creative Direction, Branding Design, Website
She Drew The Gun - Revolution Of Mind LP
Creative Direction, Design, Print, Web and Video
Glide at Battersea Power Station - Paradise London
Creative Concept
She Drew the Gun.- Panopticon Visualiser.
Creative Concept, Processing Code, Filming, Editing.
She Drew The Gun - Behave Myself LP
Creative Direction, Design, Print, Web and Video
Pier Head Village Festival - Liverpool
Creative Direction, Branding Design, Print, Web and Video